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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Honda Clean Burning Efforts

By John Davidson

Honda latest attempts at creating a clean burning diesel engine.

If it seems like the automotive industry has maxed out its options when it comes to creating new and innovative technologies, vehicles, and components, think again. These days, there is definitely a premium placed on innovation and creativity – meaning that even automotive giants with a strong foothold in the industry are constantly being challenged to think on their feet and develop top-notch new programs and components. When it comes to Honda Parts, there is definitely room for plenty of growth: the company is known for its commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation, meaning you can count on Honda to constantly be pushing the bar in terms of where new automotive technologies can go.

So what’s new in the land of innovative Honda Parts? In September of 2006, Honda Motor Company officially announced the successful development of a next-generation diesel engine with exhaust emissions at levels low enough to rival those of gasoline-based engines. This is a significant step: in years past, diesel engines have been avoided in much of the automotive industry that was geared towards the public at large due to the increased pollution. Developing a clean-burning next-generation diesel engine, however, would open up a new kind of system and new type of viable fuel to a much wider marketplace.

So how does the new clean-burning Honda Parts diesel engine work? Inside, you’ll find a revolutionary NOx catalytic converter that is specifically designed to drastically reduce the NOx emissions present. In fact, this device is so successful at reducing NOx emissions that it brings emissions all the way down to the point where they can meet the standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier II Bin 5 requirements. When Honda Parts technology is used to “detoxify” harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) by turning it into simple, harmless nitrogen (N2, an existing part of our atmosphere and the air we breathe), you’re getting a major overhaul of the things that are possible in today’s automotive industry.

Honda’s ongoing development of this next generation clean-burning diesel engine is indicative of changes in the company as a whole: Honda has made a major commitment to creating vehicles that are clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Honda believes that the best way to fight pollution and fuel dependency is to widen the field of viable options – and working with the diesel engine is a critical step in the process.

About The Author

Honda parts for all types of Honda models. John Davidson is a senior auto analyst for a leading auto marketing firm.

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